TAD and IA partner as Digital Studio

A strategic partnership that pursues fully integrated design solutions.

Nora Price

November 21, 2020

TAD is pleased to announce the launch of Digital Studio

This transformative collaboration between TAD and Interior Architects (IA) merges interior design, architecture, art, and technology to provide integrated solutions that support new ways of engagement; ultimately redefining the limits of the built environment. This strategic partnership is poised to meet the new challenges posed by the merger of digital and physical environments. Digital Studio unveils new opportunities for clients by integrating both physical and technical approaches for solving complex problems.

"The predicted convergence of digital and physical environments has become increasingly evident across how we work, live, and play. Through Digital Studio, TAD and IA can deliver to the potential of this convergence and bring new thinking and capabilities to our clients. We see the coming together of our complimentary perspectives, knowledge, and culture as a journey we can't wait to see unfold."
Jon Reeves

Digital Studio is a distributed technology and design team

The partnership is responsible for guiding digital innovation in the pursuit of rich and productive user-experiences. Digital Studio takes a comprehensive approach, from framing strategic positioning through design development to lifecycle support. Digital Studio inspires new design thinking through technological innovation and leads the effective application and evolution of digital design for clients, projects and the firm.

Digital Studio will build upon each firm’s previous success through collaborative consulting that is unbiased due to its technology agnosticism and thus more potent in its design approach and delivery. We will propel our clients forward—meeting their evolving goals—through crafting user experiences that are agile, innovative, and that go beyond the traditional considerations of architectural design.

"We are extremely excited about Digital Studio. This collaboration responds to the digital transformation we are experiencing and creates a platform where technology and design are integrated seamlessly to support and enhance the user experience."
David Bourke
IA's Co-CEO/President