Integrate Systems Europe 2024

Setting the Stage

Katie Kruppenbacher

February 13, 2024

Among this year’s 73,891 unique ISE attendees, were four unique attendees from TAD. On Monday January 29, Jon Reeves (TAD Co-founder), Elliot Levinson (Director of TAD.monitor), Mohamed Malis (Principal), and Maria del Portillo (Physical Design Agent), landed in Barcelona to attend the show.

Before the show’s official start, on Tuesday, the TAD team attended Speed Pitches hosted by AV User Group and AV Consultancy Group. They were able to attend 42 pitches from manufacturers and vendors in 4 hours, getting exposure to products and updates before they hit the floor. 

Throughout the week, the team connected with clients and explored the countless booths and demos, identifying stand out products and trends. One of the major takeaways – the emphasis on turnkey, end-to-end solutions. 

“Products are not simply actioning one thing anymore, they come with software, intelligence, partnerships programs, and present in the form of a platform. There has been some real growth and investment in this space, it’s exciting…”
Jon Reeves
TAD Co-founder

The ability to purchase end-to-end solutions, shown all over ISE, makes it apparent that end-user companies should have a focus on building out their own ecosystems. This was also apparent at the smart building conference which took it a step further, drawing connections between smart building design, edge devices, end-user computing, and sustainability.

As the curtains close on another successful ISE event, TAD leaves Barcelona with valuable industry insights, which we look forward to diving into in a follow up blog post centered around sustainability in the age of smart buildings. Stay tuned for our thoughts…