TAD Announces New Home Office for 2024

The Workplace as a Live Demo

Katie Kruppenbacher

December 4, 2023

TAD is thrilled to announce that in 2024, our New York office will be moving location. Our team has grown significantly during our time on 7th avenue. We find ourselves in need of more space, and with it, we have the opportunity to reimagine our work environment, creating new and exciting capabilities to interact, service, and ultimately to deliver to our clients.

“This office will create the opportunity for TAD to be more active—internally, of course—but also as a voice in the industry.”
Daniel Pittman
TAD Partner

The new office space will serve as a live demonstration of what we can do for our clients with technology. It will feature a fully monitored environment, a variety of meeting room experiences, a media showcase, the Lab to test and prove ideas, and open seating to promote collaboration among the team. It will be our working office and design studio, as well as a semi-public space to host clients, industry partners, and events.

In creating such a flexible space, we knew that choosing the right partner would be paramount to the success of the project. With this in mind, we are engaging with Model Practice, an architecture firm out of Brooklyn that approaches every new project with fresh thinking. 

When asked why Model Practice was the right firm for the job, Daniel recalls how he initially recognized their design sensibility, “It’s not big splash or rigid, they are thoughtful and sensitive to the brief.” When beginning the project MP “did a great job of distilling down our many ideas into clear, driving concepts.” The foremost of which is The Stage; the idea that our office will be an empty table on which different uses can take form and ideas can be tried.

TAD’s new home office will symbolize growth, and a new chapter for our company. As the project progresses swiftly, we anticipate moving in early 2024. We can’t express how eager we are to share this innovative and collaborative environment with our team, clients, and the public alike. The future looks bright, and we invite you to follow along our venture.