TAD Wins Innovators Award at ScienceLogic 2022 Symposium

Powered by the SL1 platform, TAD.monitor stands out among ScienceLogic Partners

Katie Kruppenbacher

October 26, 2022

TAD.monitor leverages ScienceLogic to build dynamic applications, monitor a myriad of AV devices, and deliver a modern approach to data collection and space utilization.

This month, TAD was invited to Reston, Virginia to attend ScienceLogic’s annual Symposium. Rob Badenoch (Partner), Elliot Levinson (Product Director of TAD.monitor), and Joe Gaffney (Network Technology Subject Matter Expert) represented TAD at the event.

While at the conference, Rob and Elliot lead a breakout presentation session, titled, “TAD.monitor: Moving Building User Experience to the Forefront of Design,” in which they outlined TAD’s unique consulting first approach to AV Device monitoring. The presentation explored two unique use-cases and shared how TAD.monitor utilizes ScienceLogic to enable our clients to gather data, providing insights into audiovisual usage and user experience. TAD.monitor is a response to the increased focus from enterprise clients on digital transformation that centers on customer needs.

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