A nod to the past: How one touch table launched TAD into DXD


In 2011, TAD took part in designing BASF’s Innovation Center; a space that showcases the depth of their company story in a compelling and exciting way, using interactive technology. TAD designed a lobby media wall, sustainability wall, four small touch tables, and a custom interactive table with an accompanying media wall that includes a custom shelving system to house 25 RFID-enabled acrylic cubes, each etched with a unique icon that represents part of the BASF innovation story.


Florham Park, New Jersey


1,500 ft²



TAD Domain


Visitors can approach the 74×74” touch table from any side, allowing multiple users to interact with the table at once. It has two modes, storytelling
and presentation. When in story telling mode, users can take a cube from the wall display, click it into place on the table, and watch content based on the icon of their chosen cube. During presentation mode users can physically push the content from the table onto the accompanying 60” bezel-less video wall to present.


The crux of this project was designing a structure that could house the rear projection glass, touch screen, RFID reader, speakers and
glass mirror for the video projector, and lens while fitting into a perfect square at standard table height. TAD co-founder, Guy LaFontant, sketched numerous layouts and calculated many throw distances based on different projector models, hoping to find the right mix that allowed for the desired table shape and height.

After several trials, TAD opted for the creative solution of utilizing space underneath the raised floors. The extra room allowed for appropriate projector throw distance as well as additional airflow to the table, mitigating risk associated with heat production.

Executing this request proved that TAD was small but mighty player in the industry. This project showed clients could come to us with a question “how do we make this work,” and we could innovate and deliver. At TAD, we love to look back on this project as a reminder of why the company was started and how far we have come. As technology advances and our industry evolves, we still operate for the same purpose, to bring knowledge and expertise to our clients, and to connect, support and inspire.