External Affairs Office

A malleable space in which anyone can present

To help create an environment where this client will host mission critical keynotes and events with ease, TAD completed AV design services on this NY external affairs office. The upscale interior is accompanied by an impressive showcase of technology featuring a platform agnostic solution throughout, granting any guest that visits the ability to connect, present, and effectively use the space.


New York


11,000 ft²


Rottet Studio

TAD Domain


TAD’s AV scope spans the boardroom, café, and multipurpose room with overflow area. The MPR features three 16×9 canvases, one confidence monitor, and a podium, all connected through the speaker and camera system. The office at-large was designed to be malleable, to enable the client to host a variety of gathering types with ease.

The system is equipped with robust guest Wi-Fi, prepared to handle BYOD for all guests and presenters. This set up allows for flexibility in use while adhering to strict security protocols.