FOX News

Bridging the gap between network space and network technology

News Corp engaged TAD for the 2018 redesign of the renowned FOX Newsroom. The goal of the design was to create a modern and cohesive space that reflected the new era of information we are currently in. TAD, along with studio designers Jack Morton and Gensler architects, approached the newsroom with a set design mindset, aiming to create a performative and visually exciting backdrop for the news team.


New York


7,600 ft²



TAD Domain


Looking for a more open and collaborative newsroom to support the countless hours put in by their journalists, FOX set after a complete redesign for their Avenue of the Americas space. The room needed to feel immediate and lively, a full embodiment of the fast-paced the news industry.  

TAD was able to incorporate the always moving and rapidly changing aspects of news into our design by creating a figure-eight shaped header with 72 fully integrated video display regions. The network architecture allows for a customizable media ribbon to send featured content around the room. The workstations beneath are arranged in a series of rings that follow the header. In the center of the floor, lives a large column, wrapped in panels displaying news in real time. 

The redesign of the Fox Newsroom was ultimately part of a larger effort, including 21st Century Fox and News Corp. Highlights include the second and third floor FOX newsrooms, and the revitalization of the 21st Century Fox main reception and executive center, and the reception for News Corps (recently acquired Unruly and Storyful). The News Corp renovation featured a tailored LED integrated reception desk and immersive digital walls complete with branding and a programmed content management system. 

TAD was able to apply our workplace technology strategy, audiovisual design, construction expertise, and branding services to conceive and create a sweeping revitalization of the company’s technology and workplace communication strategies.