Investment Trading Firm

Revealing the beauty in data

TAD’s cutting-edge digital experiences transform this headquarters into a jewel-box destination. Our Digital Experience Design team drew inspiration and support from across TAD, encompassing services from AV design to TAD.Monitor.


New York


55,000 ft²


Architecture Plus Information (A+I)

TAD Domain

Studio, Lab

TAD’s Digital Experience Design crafted multiple digital touchpoints including the industry’s largest touchscreen table. Another crowning achievement is the “stock ticker of the future”, an unprecedented wraparound LED screen that curves 90° in under 6.5 ft. On the screen investment funds are portrayed as flocks of birds whose formation reflects real-time performance. We amplified engagement through interactive digital globethat rotate to display local news. With 15 API endpoints and 6,000 lines of code, this stock ticker’s data is a work of art in itself.